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Ivory Coast Animators Sketch Out Nascent Business Initiatives

Côte d’Ivoire’s creative scene is blossoming with a new crop of ambitious, young animators.


CANNES: Philippe Lacote’s ‘Run’ Could Help Ivory Coast Film Industry Rebound

We are so pleased to have an Ivorian film screened at Cannes this year. Congratulations to young Ivorian director, Philippe Lacôte!

Côte d’Ivoire’s Musical Superstars, Magic System, Set to Release New Album

Magic System’s much anticipated new album is scheduled for release on May 19th.  If you haven’t yet discovered this Ivorian supergroup, who reached a global audience with their hit song “Premier Gaou”, you won’t want to miss the following clip:

Côte d’Ivoire’s Magnificent Cuisine

The Economic and Trade Office taping a series of clips on Côte d'Ivoire's cuisine with the team of Good Morning Africa.

The Economic and Trade Office taping a series of clips on Côte d’Ivoire’s cuisine with the team of Good Morning Africa.

We were delighted this week to be able to share a small part of Côte d’Ivoire’s vast cuisine with over 250 million viewers in 49 countries via Good Morning Africa.  Obviously, a nation’s cuisine cannot be captured in its entirety in six eight-minute clips.  However, this was a terrific way to build awareness of the many terrific flavours of Ivorian cuisine, which is as healthy and easy to prepare as it is tasty.

As the episodes air on African Magic, you can look forward to learning how to prepare dishes from across Côte d’Ivoire, including:

  • Sauce Arachide au Dah avec Tô (Peanut Sauce with Greens and West African Pap)
  • Carpe et Poulet Braisé à la Ivoirienne (Ivorian Grilled Fish and Chicken)
  • Kedjenou de Poulet (Chicken Kedjenou)
  • Sauce Gouagouassou (Mixed Sauce of Okra and Eggplant)
  • Biékôsseu de Poisson (Fish Biékôsseu)